Chapter 8: Technology, the Use of Force and Weapons of Mass Destruction


Your forces succeed in taking out the remaining sites (at least the ones your intelligence has found and identified). However, by invading Cuba you have done exactly what the Soviet Union acted to prevent. The Soviet Union immediately accelerates military aid to Cuba and moves nuclear-armed submarines into striking distance of the United States, warning you to immediately back down or else face Soviet might. Additionally, the Soviet Union sends soldiers to Cuba to aid in its defense. In the fighting, Soviet soldiers are killed. In response, the Soviet Union seizes West Berlin. The escalating conflict spirals out of control, and heads rapidly toward all-out nuclear war. You made a major misstep in a fragile situation, and in so doing failed to keep your country (and the world) safe. It is amazing the repercussions that one significant misstep can have in international relations, a lesson you learned the hard way, with the impending deaths of countless citizens around the world.

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