Chapter 8: Technology, the Use of Force and Weapons of Mass Destruction


The Soviet Union condemns the air strikes as an act of aggression, the very sort of aggression from which they feel they must protect Cuba. The Soviet Union continues to send missiles to Cuba, and begins to move weaponized submarines into the Caribbean Sea to protect the freighters. The Soviet Union does agree to meet nonetheless, but maintains that all of its actions are defensive, to counter US aggression, and that if the Soviet Union were to supply Cuba with missiles, they would have insufficient range to threaten the continental United States.

What do you do now?

Set up a naval blockade of CubaEnsure nothing can enter (or leave) the country without US knowledge and acquiescence. Any Soviet craft trying to bring missiles or any other weapons, material, or supplies to Cuba will have to cross your blockade. Demand that the Soviet Union dismantle all missile sites in Cuba.
Launch a nuclear strike on the missile sites in CubaThis will serve to entirely destroy the new sites and to send a message that the US will not accept nuclear weapons so near its own territory.
Launch nuclear strikes against the Soviet UnionAim primarily at key military and government installations. If the Soviet Union is willing to put weapons so close to the United States, it seems they must be preparing for a nuclear attack. It is absolutely essential that you strike first, to gain the upper hand before Moscow does.
Launch a ground invasion of CubaTake out the remaining missile sites with ground forces, and establish a military presence that will force the Soviet Union to engage your troops militarily if it hopes to bring any more missile supplies into Cuba.
Write a personal letter to Nikita KhrushchevAgain encourage him to change his course of action. Explain that the quarantine and air strikes are only defensive measures and will be immediately stopped if Soviet missiles are removed from Cuba.
Send Robert KennedySend your brother and one of your top advisors, to meet privately with Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin. Offer a deal: if the Soviet Union removes all missiles and related equipment from Cuba, the United States will end the blockade immediately.