Chapter 7: Pathways to Interstate Peace


While the personal envoy may have been more effective than an ambassador, it still fails to achieve any sort of definitive peace. The UAE's Minister of Foreign Affairs does tell the envoy that the UAE would much prefer to settle matters peacefully and is willing to work toward a peaceful solution, but remains steadfast in his insistence that the UAE will not back down.

What do you do now?

Suggest ceding the territory It is only half of Musandam, you will retain some access to the Strait, and you will avoid any further confrontation with your wealthier, powerful neighbor.
Reach out to the UNRequest diplomatic interference and a commitment to militarily aid Oman in defense of its territory.
Reach out to the US and IranStrengthen relations and elicit commitments that each will protect your territorial integrity from Emirati aggression.
Send troops to strengthen the borderStation them on the border between Musandam and the UAE. Warn the UAE that territorial aggression will not be tolerated and demand that the UAE back down.
Suggest the Sultan invades the UAEClearly they will not back down. It is best to act pre-emptively and gain a military edge.