Chapter 7: Pathways to Interstate Peace


The Security Council condemns the UAE's actions and declares that the territory rightfully belongs to Oman. However, the UN will not take any direct action until the situation appears likely to lead directly to conflict. The Security Council recommends that your country and the UAE attempt to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

What do you do now?

Draft UN legislation for future disputesApproach the UN about creating a body within the UN specifically designed to handle territorial disputes. Take steps to codify a coherent system to handle disputes like this in the future.
Suggest ceding the territoryIt is only half of Musandam, you will retain some access to the Strait, and you will avoid any further confrontation with your wealthier, powerful neighbor.
Reach out to the US and IranStrengthen relations and elicit commitments that each will protect your territorial integrity from Emirati aggression.
Send troops to strengthen the borderStation them on the border between Musandam and the UAE. Warn the UAE that territorial aggression will not be tolerated and demand that the UAE back down.
Suggest the Sultan invades the UAEClearly they will not back down. It is best to act pre-emptively and gain a military edge.