Chapter 6: War and its Causes


Your attack catches Bolivia by surprise and you gain an immediate military advantage. However, Bolivia recovers and launches a ground offensive, overwhelming multiple cities, including Puerto Maldonado, Juliaca, and Puno. Additionally, Bolivia funnels weapons and money to incite an insurgency on your Colombian border, which consumes Iquitos. This portion of your population had no apparent grievances, but Bolivia paid handsomely, and greed is a powerful motivator. Collectively, these efforts bring war directly to over a million of your people, and Bolivia appears to be willing to continue the fighting even at high cost.

To make matters worse, since you struck first, you have lost your legitimacy in the eyes of the international community, and the UN does not come directly to your aid. You are now mired in a bloody war with Bolivia and, while victory looks likely, it will come at a very high cost. Indeed, ending the conflict after massive casualties among your people, the severe depletion of your national coffers and the crippling of your economy can hardly be called victory. The future is bleak.

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