Chapter 5: Framing International Relations - The Role of Laws and Organizations


The Kabite prime minister is unfazed. SHe threatens to retaliate with their own sanctions and tariffs upon the many Songhai investments within and imports to Kabi.

What do you do?

Reach out to Kabi’s neighborsOur efforts will only be augmented by the combined efforts of our neighbors. Fortunately, a regional summit where all three heads of state will be in attendance is occuring in only a few days.
Reach out to the UNReaching out to the UN for arbitration of the dispute will allow us to engage great powers and claim international support
Reach out to Human Rights NGOsNGOs play a key role in the monitoring of human rights around the world. We should reach out to a group like Amnesty International with our findings.
Claim R2P and protect Songhai citizens through armed interventionInnocent citizens are in danger. It is an obligation to protect them.
Encourage Songhai citizens to evacuate, but otherwise respect Kabi sovereigntyWhat another sovereign nation does is no business of ours. The consequences of intervention could be too great.