Chapter 4: The Analysis of Foreign Policy


Azmenistan's Foreign Minister responds with hostility. She vehemently denies any weapons program in Azmenistan, and refuses to allow inspectors back in, emphasizing the invasion of privacy and violation of sovereignty they entail.

She threatens that if you do not drop the issue and resume talks about other issues, she will be forced to walk out of the talks.

She also declares that if your state continues to look into Azmenistan's nuclear program, or takes any action deemed as damaging to the program, it will be treated as an act of hostility, and Azmenistan will be forced to 'seriously consider cutting ties' with your state.

What do you do now?

Ignore the issueYou don't want to upset Azmenistan. You import needed goods from Azmenistan, and your good relations with the state provide important balance to the region. Focus the meeting on more pressing issues.
Expel Azmenistan's Foreign MinisterDeclare that you are officially cutting all diplomatic ties with Azmenistan until they stop enriching uranium, and publicly denounce Azmenistan as a hostile state.
Press the issue furtherSay that the issue is too important to simply be dropped. Inform her that you have clear satellite images of enrichment facilities and tell her that if the activities do not cease immediately, you will be forced to take action, both individually and jointly with Brezistan and the international community, and that such action could take the form of any range of diplomatic, economic, and military options.