Chapter 4: The Analysis of Foreign Policy


Azmenistan's Foreign Minister denies the claims. She maintains that Azmenistan's nuclear program is strictly for civilian energy use, and that no weapons are being created. She insists that uranium is not being enriched 'more than it has to be'.

When pressed about the nuclear inspectors, she states that 'there is no need for the international community to inspect a peaceful nuclear program', and that the inspectors were an invasion of Azmenistan's privacy and a violation of its sovereignty.

She warns that Brezistan should not pursue a nuclear weapons program, as 'such action would constitute an act of war'.

She then declares that she will not discuss the matter further, and changes the subject to other matters.

What do you do now?

Ignore the issueYou don't want to upset Azmenistan. You import needed goods from Azmenistan, and your good relations with the state provide important balance to the region. Focus the meeting on more pressing issues.
Press the issue firmly and directlyDemand that Azmenistan immediately stop enriching uranium, and demand that inspectors be allowed back in immediately. Declare that if these conditions are not met, your state will be forced to move closer to Brezistan diplomatically, and will consider Azmenistan a hostile neighbor rather than an ally.
Threaten military actionDeclare that if inspectors are not allowed back in and enrichment does not cease within one week, you will invade the country and shut down any enrichment efforts by force.
Expel Azmenistan's Foreign MinisterDeclare that you are officially cutting all diplomatic ties with Azmenistan until they stop enriching uranium, and publicly denounce Azmenistan as a hostile state.
Offer economic incentivesTell Azmenistan that if it agrees to stop enriching uranium immediately, you will cut tariffs significantly on all agriculture and steel coming from Azmenistan, and will rely more heavily on Azmenistan and less heavily on Brezistan for agriculture and steel, providing both absolute gains and relative gains with respect to Brezistan for Azmenistan.