Chapter 3: Theories of International Relations


The US and the UK appreciate you joining the coalition and secretly agree to support your nuclear program. Additionally, your gesture of support encourages a number of other important countries to join the coalition.

However, Iran takes your declaration and simultaneous militarization of US warheads as a highly threatening gesture and accelerates the testing process. A nuclear test now seems imminent, and secret intelligence shows that Israel is readying for a public nuclear test in response to any Iranian test.

What do you do now?

Maintain the status quoKeep US warheads ready and deployed. Demand that Iran backs down. Meet with coalition members to create plan of action in case of conflict. (Realism)
Use multilateral negotiationsTry to diffuse the conflict. Include relevant Iranian allies as well as key Israeli allies to help diffuse tension between Iran and Israel. Additionally, agree to demilitarize warheads if talks are productive. (Liberalism)
Withdraw from the coalitionThink of domestic economic pressures. Publicly declare opposition to both Iranian and Israeli nuclear tests, but declare unwillingness to engage in any preemptive military action. Withdraw to protect overseas economic interests. (Marxism)
Back downPull back from your militarized stance and return to negotiation through international institutions. Demilitarize warheads and focus on your IAEA motion and diplomatic action. (Liberalism)