Chapter 3: Theories of International Relations


Iran, ignoring international norms, continues to prepare for a nuclear test, citing the 'ever-present threat from the region's unwelcome nuclear bully [Israel]' as sufficient to require the possession of a nuclear weapon by any nation that could attain one.

Iran demands that Israel begin systematic elimination of its nuclear program and immediately restart negotiations for a two-state solution in Israel on terms favorable to Palestine. If Israel fails to meet these demands within three days, Iran claims it will conduct an underground nuclear test.

What do you do now?

Agree to cooperateJoin international pressure on Iran, diplomatically and economically. Do nothing militarily, as international norms prohibit Iran from using a nuclear weapon and Israel from instigating a war. (Constructivism)
Join the coalition conditionally Demand the coalition receive UN legitimacy before any action is undertaken. Additionally, back a new international agreement that demands International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approval before testing any nuclear weapon. (Liberalism)
Take actionDeclare Germany's intent to ensure that Iran stays non-nuclear. Secretly accelerate nuclear program, with goal to be ready to test in 3-6 months, and militarize US warheads in case the situation deteriorates. (Realism)