Chapter 2: The Emergence of a Global System of States


Having US troops stationed in Israel diminishes Hezbollah audacity in the short term. However, anger at the increased American military presence in the region actually bolsters support for Hezbollah within Lebanon. While Iran avoids direct confrontation, it continues its illicit support of Hezbollah. The material support from Iran and the increased popular support in Lebanon bolsters Hezbollah, making it a more formidable ally going forward.

What do you do now?

Bring the troops homeIsrael can deal with Hezbollah on its own.
Continue to leave troops in IsraelAvoid forward action.
Invade LebanonUse the troops stationed in Israel to eradicate Hezbollah and stop the border violence.
Invade IranUS troops are stationed in the region and the time is ripe to finally deal with the troublesome regime in Tehran.