Chapter 2: The Emergence of a Global System of States


Iran warns against any coalitional action, saying that if the UN acts against Iran, they have acted against Lebanon and in favor of Israel's illegal war actions. Any UN action, Iran says, will undermine the UN's legitimacy and prompt Iran to invade Israel to protect Lebanon from Israel and the UN. This position actually prompts the UN to declare Iran an aggressor. However, the UN also condemns Israel's actions and declares the UN will only become involved militarily if Iran actually invades.

What do you do now?

Follow the UN's decisionContinue to publicly criticize Iran and prepare the US militarily, but do not engage Iran unless Iran invades and the UN intervenes.
Invade IranUS troops are stationed in the region and the time is ripe to finally deal with the troublesome regime in Tehran.
Stand byLeave it to Israel and the UN. US troops need not be involved.