Chapter 14: Facing the Future


Though the Xanadu citizens working the facilities are relatively open when questioned by local police groups, federal investigative forces are firmly rebuffed. When approached by an armed task group with the goal of forcibly shutting down the centers, employees within activate some sort of energy barrier that prevents all entrance. The area soon becomes a protest site as citizens protesting our shutdown clash with police forces. Several of our allies in Europe follow our lead with similar results, and violence is only prevented when the Jaguar Queen herself announces she will remove the centers from any nations that wish them removed. Opinion polls in the US suggest this was on balance an unpopular decision, and relations with Xanadu certainly haven’t been improved, though we have successfully removed the centers from our territory.

Several months pass, and after several fruitless attempts to build a relationship between Xanadu and the United States your advisors finally manage to convince the brand new Xanadu diplomat core into a meeting between your two heads of state. A month later, you fly to the Xanadu capital to meet with the Jaguar Queen Ororo N’dara. The palace is lavish and most of the trip is spent at photo-ops with the press at tousr the city’s many ancient monuments and high-tech laboratories. However, you do manage to get a private meeting with her before the three day tour ends. This meeting is a rare opportunity to make concrete developments, what will you discuss with her? Your advisors have given you several suggested routes.

What do you do now?

Ask to open an American embassy in XanaduAn American embassy in Xanadu (and vice-versa) would work wonders towards improving our relations.
Ask the Xanadu to send representatives to the UNThough perhaps positive relations between our two states may be difficult to achieve, as a modern state xanadu should at the very least send a delegation to the UN to represent its interests.
Warn them of overstepping our sovereigntyThough Xanadu may be new to the international scene, the Jaguar Queen must be reminded that there are rules in the modern world that must be followed. Denounce her actions and warn them of future consequences should our sovereignty be attacked again.