Chapter 14: Facing the Future


Xanadu makes an official statement that it views your repositioning as an act of aggression. It warns you not to move further forces into southern africa or that it would be forced to retaliate. Meanwhile, the centers remain in operation in the United States.and throughout the world.

What do you do next?

Forcibly shut down the centersThese centers, nothing more than thinly disguised Xanadu embassies operating without our permission, represent an extreme security threat to our and every nation’s territorial integrity. These spy centers must be shut down immediately.
Petition the Jaguar Queen to shut down the centersThough we want to avoid the possibility of conflict, the centers are too much of a risk to our sovereignty to allow continued operation. A message directly to the Xanadu monarch would be a considerate way to let our grievances be known.
Let them beThough their founding may be troublesome, the centers are popular with our citizens and provide an opportunity to bring our nations closer to together, not to mention the free service it provides.
Reposition more armed forces near XanaduCall their bluff, we must stand firm in our commitment to American sovereignty.